If you’re self-employed or a company director, the date October 31st will no doubt hold a “special” place in your heart – the date by which your tax return must be submitted. Of course in recent years, this deadline has been extended by a fortnight for those who use ROS, the Revenue Online System. November 15th is the ultimate deadline in that situation. However, to avail of ROS, you must go through the multi-step process to apply for, acquire and install the Digital Certificates that allow you to log into the Revenue computer system on your own behalf. These certificates are not just used for personal taxpayers  but are also required if you’re filing VAT, PAYE/PRSI, property or any other filing on the ROS system.

What happens if my computer with the revenue online certificates on it crashes?

An Eonvia client recently experienced this, when they contacted the Revenue, they were advised that it’ll take one to two weeks to issue new certificates.  And if the “master” certificate is lost, everyone else in the office will have their certificates cancelled as well – hardly an optimal solution.

Revenue on line certificates can be transferable.

Many people do not realise that these certificates are transferable, so if the certificate is retrievable, there is no need to apply for a new one. You can just move the certificate to a different computer. This can save a lot of hassle reapplying for a new Digital Certificate and can save a lot of time. In the case of our client, the computer would not boot but the certificates were still intact on the hard drive, and we recovered them and transferred them to a new installation in no time.

How can a business avoid the long wait for new revenue on line certificates?

Of course, all the drama could be avoided by having a backup of the certificates, but that’ll be the topic for another day. In the meantime, before you condemn yourself to a long wait for new certificates, think first about whether your Digital Certificates can be moved from their existing computer. Contact Eonvia today and we can help transfer your revenue on line certificates to another computer and avoid missing a tax deadline!!!

Click here to see how to move your ROS Certificates!!

Have a look at our article on copying your ROS folder with the ROS Certificates in it to a new PC here. You may do this because you have a new PC you want to do your ros.ie stuff on such as Tax Returns or you may just want to do it so that you’re prepared in the event of a computer crash.

If you are suffering from this or any other problem please don’t hesitate to call one of our qualified engineers. We will be delighted to help.


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